Rental occupancies where battery-operated smoke alarms are permitted (homes constructed before 1975, lodging or rooming houses, hotels, dormitories and apartment buildings) are required to have sealed, tamper-resistant alarms that include a silence/hush feature and long-life batteries upon a change in tenancy.

Effective date: July 2013

Smoke alarms in one- and two-family dwellings constructed before July 1, 1975, must be AC-powered or battery-powered, provided the battery is in a sealed, tamper-resistant chamber and includes a silence/hush feature and long-life batteries.

Effective date: January 2018

Baltimore and Baltimore County:

Rental Licensing Regulations require hard-wired smoke detectors with battery backup to be installed in corridors outside of sleeping areas in all dwellings containing six of fewer rental units.

Effective date: January 2008