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Ontario CO LAW

It's the LAW!
The Carbon Monoxide Law in Ontario is now enforceable in all single and multi-unit buildings

The grace period extended to residential buildings with more than 6 living suites expired on October 15, 2015. This means that all personal homes, and multi-family dwellings to which the carbon monoxide law applies MUST have a  CO alarm installed or risk facing penalty. Follow the link for more information


The First Zero Waste Alarms

First Alert and BRK, Canada's most trusted brands in home safety, are proud to present Zero Waste - an exciting new program that will allow Canadians to recycle their used alarms. For more information, visit:

Here's how it works:

Zero Waste Smoke Alarm / Carbon Monoxide Alarm

First Alert ATOM Smoke Alarm

Choose ATOM
The Tiny but Mighty Smoke Alarm

The P1000A ATOM smoke and fire alarm is tiny, but mighty. Smaller than an egg, this micro design contains innovative technology for maximum protection, reliability, and fewer false alarms. The ATOM's patented advanced smoke entry system makes this smoke alarm toast proof!




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